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Tested to WHO IAQ standards.
Medical Grade TEChnology
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Oxyvital’s technology performance is proven effective by independent institutes, and we provide truthful and transparent information so consumers can make informed choices.
“Since the introduction of the Oxyvital air purification system illness-related absence of staff has dropped significantly. The subjective perception of fresh and breathable air led to an overall stronger performing working environment”
Christian H. Schierer,
The Austrian Trade Commissioner
“Our staff absence figures due to illness have been reduced by approximately 70%...Additionally my staff have mentioned that they feel less tired and have more energy.”
Schutte & Panzer (Far East) Ltd.
“Our company, like so many others, constantly had absent staff because of illness (colds, flus, headaches etc.)…The subsequent IAQ tests undertaken in fact confirmed the presence of high levels of many of the known contaminants, including formaldehyde. We then took the decision to install Oxyvital. Since that time we have clearly seen a positive change in staff morale and productivity – our employees certainly are healthier with a dramatic reduction in absenteeism from sick leave. Interestingly also our visitors regularly comment on the freshness of the air in the office environment. “
B. Frey,
Etacol Hong Kong Ltd.
“We have been using the Oxyvital air purifier for almost a year now. The air in the office feels much cleaner and fresher than before. Visitors have been making very positive comments about the air quality. “
Christian Werle,
Eurogroup Far East Ltd., Hong Kong
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for providing Oxyvital Indoor Air Quality Units (Model P6000) to help clarify the radon problem in my apartment…After installing the Oxyvital AQS, the radon level was under control and maintained on or less thank 150Bq/m3 after 72 hours “
Professor Wilfried R. Van Honacker,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
“I was much impressed with your Oxyvital equipment…Having experienced the oxygenated air, I can recommend it as being beneficial in the polluted environment of Hong Kong. “
Dr. Henry C. L. Lee,
Hong Kong
“I wanted to let you know how happy I’ve been with the effect of the Oxyvital machines I have both at home and in my office…Since having the Oxyvital machines, my allergies have totally disappeared and I feel so much healthier. It’s really obvious when you walk into a room where the machine is on that the air feels much fresher. I’d recommend them to anyone living in Hong Kong…”
Alison Cooke,
Hong Kong

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Alexandra House,
Hong Kong
Four Seasons,
Hong Kong