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Tested to WHO IAQ standards.
Medical Grade TEChnology
German Design & Production

Oxyvital Story

Founded in 1997 in Hong Kong, Oxyvital team discovered and subsequently co-developed a medical grade technology originating out of Germany to purify indoor air to the highest international standards established by World Health Organisation (WHO).

Environmental doctors, chartered builders as well as medical equipment specialists from Germany and the UK researched and worked together and due to excellent independent test results of Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve technology, Hong Kong Government as well as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology co-operated with Oxyvital and supported live testing and accreditation procedures.

Oxyvital has quickly earned a reputation for high performance, technological innovation and premium medical quality in the air purification industry.

As of 2010, Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve Technology is patented globally and the company is pursuing a gradual roll-out into both commercial and consumer markets.

Our Philosophy

We believe clean and health-friendly air is a basic human right. We therefore commit all our energy and resources to help mitigate one of the most pressing issues of our time - air pollution.

Oxyvital is an innovative company with an exclusive mission: developing and manufacturing the world’s most effective air purification systems for people who are not willing to compromise on their health.

Moreover, we are committed to greener and safer man-made environments to protect the very limited and precious natural resources of our planet.

Our DNA - Characteristics of Oxyvital Brand

SINCE 1997
Unlike most competitors, Oxyvital has been engaging in the IAQ field for more than 15 years with a focus on high performance air purification in the commercial segment.
Medical Grade Technology
Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve air purification technology goes beyond simple filtration, processing the air on a molecular level and thereby very effectively removing toxic gases from indoor air – all in a completely atoxic and non-hazardous fashion.
Global Patent
With wide reaching patent protection for the world’s most relevant air purification markets, Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve technology represents a critical and unique differentiator over other less effective and potentially harmful technologies.
German Design & Production
100% German-made products established Oxyvital as a High Value Import Good over the years and helped foster Oxyvital’s positioning as a technology leader in the Hong Kong and Macao premium, medical-grade air purification industry.
Tested to WHO* IAQ Standards
From the outset, Oxyvital tested their technology to the world’s toughest indoor air quality standards set out by *World Health Organization, knowing that the ZeoSieve technology can effectively control all WHO identified IAQ pollutants, especially gaseous ones.

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