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Our team was founded by several professionals who specializes in the design, construction and management of building projects. Mr. Neirynck is the co-founder and director of Oxyvital Limited with over 40 years of experiences and has tackled problems and provided solutions for healthy indoor air to many buildings in Hong Kong.

Wong with more than 20 years of experience in this field is an indoor air quality specialis whom had worked closely with the hospitals and government of Hong Kong in combatting the SARS epidemic in Year 2004.

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Professional Background Brings Professional Design

Due to the inherent understanding of how buildings ventilate, Oxyvital chiefly focused on integrated air quality systems apart from the standalone units.

Oxyvital® AirOLife™
Air Purifier (Medical Grade)

Personal & Residential

The Oxyvital® AirOLife™ purifier is designed for use personal and residential environment to effectively remove chemical gases, odours, airborne bacteria, viruses and particles, hence providing the purest indoor air to an area up to 40 sqm.

The Oxyvital® AirOLife™ air purifier incorporates our proprietary, patented ZeoSieve™ technology, purifying the air you breathe beyond simple HEPA filtration quality. To date, it is the only technology in the world that can meet the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines for all indoor air pollutant classes stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and as adopted by various governments.

  • Incorporates Oxyvital’s proprietary, patented ZeoSieve™ technology beyond simple HEPA filtration standards
  • Provides medical grade oxygen for use in oxygen therapy, which can provide relief for people with respiratory or asthmatic conditions.
  • Remove smells and odors caused by chemicals, organic pollutants, biological pollutants, mould and bacteria - subject to air changes as well as mechanical and natural ventilation in a given environment. Reduce ozone down to levels considered safe by World Health Organisation
  • Appliance has also been tested and certified to reduce other pollutant gases including CO (Carbon Monoxide), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), HCHO (Formaldehyde), TVOC’s (Total Volatile Organic Compounds, including cancer causing carcinogens like benzene, xylene, toluene) as well as radioactive Rn (Radon) gases.
  • Leakage-proof

Typical applications include schools, work stations, offices, hotels, clinics and hospitals, nurseries and daycare centres, in addition to home applications like in bedrooms, living, study and work -out areas.

Oxyvital® AirOStyle™
Air Purifier

Residential & Commercial

The Oxyvital® AirOStyle purifier is designed for use in commercial and also residential applications to remove particles and odours, airborne bacteria and viruses and providing the cleanest indoor air available in the most affordable manner to an area up to 65sqm.

AirOStyle is designed by Swiss designer with the perfect assembly structure of German technology, the top durable fan provides powerful filtering performance, fast responsive advanced intelligent sensing technology, real-time and accurate monitoring of air quality, automatically adjust the purification intensity to ensure that every breath you take is high-quality air. The design inspiration comes from the pursuit of high quality yet affordable.

  • The one-piece housing design prevent the risk of secondary pollutions and is made of durable materials, coupled with German technology high quality fans and rigorous high-end production technology.
  • 360 degree airflow outlet, let the fresh air filled in every corner. The fan utilizes precise aerodynamic technology to provide maximum airflow
  • Easy and user friendly. The compact device design allows you to change the filter and strainer very easily and conveniently. With just one button click, the fuselage can be mechanically and automatically raised, showing the filter and strainer inside, eliminating the trouble of disassembling and reassembling the filter element every time, meanwhile avoid the risk of contamination or virus bacteria spreading.

Perfect for any indoor space where people work, live or play, the typical applications include residential spaces as well as schools, offices, hotels, gyms, spas, nurseries and day -care centres.

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Oxyvital® AirOworld™
Air Quality System

Residential & Commercial

The Oxyvital® AirOworld™ Series is a modular, high performance indoor air quality designed for use in residential and commercial environments to reliably remove particles, airborne bacteria and viruses as well as chemical gases and odours.

A modular system design allows for stand-alone, wall-mounted or duct-integrated operation with multidirectional airflow configurations at the outlet. The system is leakage-proof so that any trapped, airborne contaminants will remain locked within the system and both particulate and gaseous air pollutants can be eliminated effectively.

Maximum air flow of 3’000 cbm/h at a minimal pressure drop are ensured through German made, high performance fan modules and aerodynamically optimised internal structures.

  • Reliably removes particles, air-borne bacteria and viruses as well as noxious chemical gases andodors according to World Health Organisation (WHO) IAQ standards
  • Leakage-proof
  • Multi-directional airflow configuration
  • Non-flammable. The air quality sytem is composed of fire retardant materials, structures and surface treatment

Designed for use in residential and commercial environments such as landed houses, offices, hotels, nurseries, schools, libraries, malls and gyms.

Others - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Worldwide COVID-19 has spread worldwide and is affecting and changing human living behaviours and patterns. Medical supplies such as medical masks, sanitizers, disposable gloves and many other personal protective accessories has becoming daily essentials.

Oxyvital works closely with these medical grade suppliers across the world and connects the buyers, government agencies, health care institutions, hedge fund investors and many others to the reliable and trustworthy certified suppliers. We specializes in mask, gloves, isolation and medical gowns.


  • 3M 1860 N95 Mask - High quality healthcare respirators with NIOSH-approved primarily intended to protect the health care workers by reducing exposure to harmful airborne particles which are small enough to be inhaled – typically particles less than 100 microns in size. It meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control.
  • 3M 8210 N95 Mask - High quality disposable respirators with NIOSH-approved to filter non-oil based particles with at least 95% efficiency. Featuring lightweight construction for greater worker comfort and increased wear time.
  • KN95 Mask - Equivalent to the N95 mask and is regulated by the Chinese government under regulations GB2626-2006, GB262-2019, and GB19083-2010. Widely used by healthcare professionals, since the masks were approved by the FDA, according to the FDA guidelines and international standards.
  • Medical Mask - A loose-fitting disposable mask which acts as a physical barrier between your nose and mouth, and the outside world. It protects others from germs and bacteria by trapping them from flying out of your mouth. It further protects you as the wearer, from inhaling any airborne droplets or virus particles with bacterial filtration effect BEF>95%


  • Medical gloves - Medical gloves are disposable gloves used during medical examinations and procedures to help prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients. Medical gloves are made of different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene; they come unpowdered, or powdered and various specification.
  • Non-medical gloves - Apart from healthcare industry, the disposable gloves are also been widely in various non-medical industries such as cleaning, industrial, food handling, retail ing and many others. Disposable gloves are made of different polymers including latex, nitrile and polyvinyl. They come unpowdered, or powdered and various specification such as thickness, colours, length and strengths.