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Our Distributors – OPPA System Limited
Every person experience different difficulty in breathing in today’s world. Oxyvital Style Series carries a mission of Quality Living and Breath of Fresh Air. OPPA System stands alongside Oxyvital’s mission that every household, every person can experience the true and real long-lasting purifier result. The Director of OPPA System, Mr. Eddie has over 15 years of experience in the event industry, advised dozens of organizations and large associations on strategic event planning and marketing management solution. Furthermore, his trustworthy relationship has set a strong network amongst a series of well-known branded in different industries. OPPA System footprint covers in Asia including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong etc. Acting as a Sole Distributor, OPPA System is committed to introduce the Oxyvital high-performance air purification system into the local market and believes OPPA System’s footprint will assist to carry Oxyvital Style Series Air-Purifier across Asia.

Contact Information
OPPA System Limited
( Distributor to AirOStyle series for Hong Kong region )
   Address :
Room1102,  11/F,  Gravity,  29 Hing Yip Street,  Kwun Tong,  Hong Kong
  Telephone number :
+852 2672 2336
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